CFA 1级课程从2018年到2019年的变化

CFA 1级课程从2018年到2019年的变化

对于2019年,主要的变化是在投资组合管理研究会议中增加了一个阅读 – 金融科技。 本文总结了投资领域的新技术,如大数据,机器学习,分布式账本,甚至比特币。


面积重量也略有变化。 大多数候选人都很高兴看到财务报告和分析现在在考试中的价值减少了5%:

Ethics & Professional Standards15%15%
Quantitative Methods10%12%
Financial Reporting & Analysis15%20%
Corporate Finance10%7%
Equity Investments11%10%
Fixed Income11%10%
Derivative Investments6%5%
Alternative Investments6%4%
Portfolio Management & Wealth Management6%7%

除此之外,以下是候选人在准备考试时应考虑的一些LOS变更。 (删除为红色,添加为绿色。)

Reading 22 – Financial Reporting Mechanics删除)

Reading 10 – Common Probability Distributions
LOS 10h: calculate and interpret tracking error
Reading 20 – Currency Exchange Rates
LOS 20j: explain the effects of exchange rates on countries’ international trade and capital flows
Reading 40  – Portfolio Risk and Return Part II
LOS 41i: calculate and interpret the Sharpe ratio, Treynor ratio, M2, and Jensen’s alpha
Reading 43  – Fintech in Investment Management
LOS 43a: describe “fintech”
 LOS 43b: describe Big Data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning
 LOS 43c: describe fintech applications to investment management
  LOS 43d: describe financial applications of distributed ledger technology
Reading 49 – Equity Valuation – Concepts and Basic Tools
LOS 49c: describe regular cash dividends, extra dividends, stock dividends, stock splits, reverse stock splits, and share repurchases
LOS 49d: describe dividend payment chronology
Reading 51 – Fixed Income Markets: Issuance, Trading, and Funding
LOS 51h: describe structured financial instruments
Reading 52: Introduction to Fixed Income Valuation
LOS 52i: compare, calculate, and interpret yield spread measures.

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